Strategic Advisory

We work with organisations to identify challenges and develop empirically based solutions. We support you to overcome your challenges and help you to adapt to a changing world.


Developing the knowledge and understanding to inform any business decision is critical to making the right moves in an increasingly competitive environment. Cooper Darwin is experienced in the development and implementation of both large research programmes and smaller research projects. We maintain a range of specialists that can support:

  • Market and Product Analysis
  • Evidence Synthesis
  • Policy Development
  • Thematic and Sector Specific Research

Strategy Development

We support our clients to develop and implement organisational strategies turning them into tangible outcomes that achieve real world impacts.

Market Entry

We work with clients to support entry into the UK and other markets. We develop tailored market entry strategies and support your approach to the customer.

Portfolio, Programme and Project Management

Large, complex strategies can drive growth – but many fail to deliver. Our programme management services can help you prioritise more effectively and create a delivery structure that gives you the best chance of creating sustainable results.

Business Case Development

Business cases provide a well thought out foundation that underpins the go / no go decision for any new programme or project. Cooper Darwin supports stakeholders to develop empirically based business cases that tell a clear story as to why a new initiative should go ahead.

Portfolio, Programme and Project Management

We provide the necessary technical, thematic and sector expertise to design, implement, execute, evaluate and learn from the delivery of portfolio, programmes and projects.

Programme Evaluation and Continuous Learning

We provide a holistic evaluation framework to assess programmes against global leading practice and create a plan for improvement.

  • Rapid analysis of programme health and maturity.
  • Root cause identification and solution prioritisation.
  • Development of an improvement plan.
  • Embedding continuous learning cycles to support sustainable solutions.

Risk Governance and Management

We support our clients to develop sustainable risk governance structures and work with them to undertake threat identification, risk analysis and risk mitigation activities.

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is central to the strength of effective organisations. Cooper Darwin supports the design and embedding of corporate governance with new and existing organisations. It provides analysis of governance issues with established companies and facilitates discussions on good governance, based on our research and experience across a range of industries and sectors.

Risk / Opportunity Identification, Monitoring and Management

Sustainable organisations know that risks can materialise at any time. They also know that those same risks can sometimes provide opportunities for growth and diversification. Cooper Darwin supports its clients in:

  • Identify and prioritise organisational risks.
  • Developing and embedding risk governance at all levels of an organisation.
  • Monitor risks and put measures in place to manage risks to mitigate adverse impacts well before they materialise.
  • Horizon scan for new opportunities and support organisations to turn these to their advantage.

Crisis Management

Crisis management is the key to an organisations effective response to any crises. Our proven methodology supports companies in:

  • Conducting organisation specific hazard identification and risk analysis.
  • Development of a tailored crisis management plan including crisis communication strategies and risk specific Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Implementation of crisis management within an organisation including identification and briefing of the Crisis Management Team and governance structures (Strategic, Tactical, Operational); training gap analysis and provision of crisis training; crisis exercising.
  • Crisis management strategy and maintenance.
  • Specialist support services in a time of crisis.