Climate change is here. Beyond doing everything we can to cut emissions and slow the pace of global warming, organisations must adapt to climate consequences so that they can protect themselves and their communities. The fallout varies depending on where your operations take place. It might mean fires or floods, droughts, hotter or colder days or sea-level rise. Cooper Darwin supports its clients in the following:

Climate Threat Identification and Risk Analysis

We support clients identifying, assessing and integrating climate-related and environmental risks into the risk management process.

Organisational Impact and Adaptation Strategies

We conduct climate and environmental assessments and work with you to understand the short, medium and long term impacts to your organisation. We support you to prioritise risks and help you to adapt your organisation and create greater resilience across your areas of operations.

Natural Hazard Response Planning

We provide global experts to support you in the development of natural (disaster) preparedness plans. We provide training, policy development and regular exercising to ensure that plans are integrated and tested across your organisation.


Successful organisations understand that they have a responsibility to serve the communities that support them. Cooper Darwin works with organisations to identify areas of alignment within local communities and designs programmes that mutually support the development of both parties.

This creates the opportunity for organisations to foster trust, develop key skills, build greater community resilience and support those with the most need and in doing so create a positive legacy.

Communication Strategies

The interlink between supportive communities and successful operations has become increasingly apparent. We can help you to develop your community communication goals, identify key audiences and establish effective channels and narratives that can support sustainable relationships between organisations and the communities they serve.

Community Development

Strong organisations are based on solid community foundations. We can help you to identify opportunities within the community that can support them through schemes to improve their economic, health and educational welfare.

Community Resilience

Organisations and communities face similar threats whether borne from climate or conflict. When the worst happens, organisations and communities need to work together to recover operations as quickly as possible. We work with organisations around the world to give communities the tools to prepare for, respond to and recover from adverse situations in a way that compliments organisational and emergency service responses.